VPS Hosting บนระบบ OpenStack Cloud

With a Cluster System that Implements High Availability (HA) at Every Point

The VPS Hosting Service that Understands the Behavior of Thai Customers Better than Anyone.

Taking care of every server-related issue without requiring your own server knowledge. Having a personal server is no longer complicated. Ruk-Com’s services understand all the needs of customers, such as privacy, website speed, security, flexibility, system stability, and handling high traffic loads. Everything you need, we can manage instantly with VPS Hosting on OpenStack Cloud: stable, secure, and customizable to suit your website. If you want to install anything additional, just let us know, we’re available 24/7.

Benefits of using Ruk-Com services include

Choose a Private Server Service that Suits You

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Frequently Asked Questions

This refers to virtual servers that function and operate just like physical servers, interconnected to process tasks collaboratively and distribute data storage. Designed with high reliability and secured by an effective damage prevention system, these servers can be customized to perfectly suit your usage needs. Resources can be adjusted to match your requirements.