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Ruk-Com is ready to provide services for businesses that need to store data on Cloud VPS, allowing access to the data from anywhere.

The need to have a server of your own might not suit every business, as having a single server can be quite costly. However, with the advancement of technology, the introduction of Cloud VPS, or Cloud Virtual Private Server, has changed the game. A Cloud VPS is a server that can manage resources comparable to the performance of a physical server. In other words, it offers a cost-effective solution. This development has made it possible for businesses to avoid the necessity of owning their own server.

Cloud VPS from Ruk-Com is prepared to offer services for businesses that need to store data on Cloud VPS, just as if you had your own dedicated server. Regardless of your location, you can access your data with ease. You can also rest assured that the data stored on the Cloud is securely protected by a globally recognized standard system for defense against attacks.

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This refers to virtual servers that function and operate just like physical servers, interconnected to process tasks collaboratively and distribute data storage. Designed with high reliability and secured by an effective damage prevention system, these servers can be customized to perfectly suit your usage needs. Resources can be adjusted to match your requirements.

Cost savings are greater compared to renting physical servers. It’s reliable because there’s no need to share server space with others, allowing proportional and independent resource management for optimal performance.

Suitable for those requiring simultaneous support for diverse usage needs. You can customize the server to divide resources independently, allowing you to manage services such as Web Server, Mail Server, and Database Server on your own.