We are dedicated to empowering customers to drive their businesses smoothly

Ruk-Com Co., Ltd. has a specialized team with capabilities and experience in various fields including Datacenter, Network, Cloud Computing, Web Hosting, Web Development, and Cyber Security to support all aspects of your business growth.


We employ cutting-edge technology that adheres to global standards and undergoes continuous updates. We develop our own technology to ensure that our customers’ websites achieve fast accessibility and adhere to SEO principles. We support unlimited website expansion under the trust of more than 50,000 domains.


We have a Web Application Firewall system that provides over 90% protection against hacking attempts. We update for vulnerabilities (0-day) daily and prioritize regular Vulnerability Assessments. We meticulously design a robust security maintenance system for all products and services, ensuring confidence that Ruk-Com is deeply concerned about the security of your website and crucial data.

24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 consultation and information from experts. You can manage everything independently with 100% control. We provide supplementary services that comprehensively support work related to Web Applications and Security. We offer seamless data migration and system design for free.

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Benefits of using Ruk-Com services include

Cloud Services offered by Ruk-Com

Choose the service that suits your business.

We are a Web Hosting service provider that understands our customers’ problems deeply. This understanding drives us to continuously develop our products and services in order to comprehensively address a wide range of IT issues. If customers encounter problems or have questions, they can inquire at any time, 24/7


Suitable For?
  • Build a website
  • Using WordPress
  • Websites with Low to Moderate Traffic (100-10,000 daily visitors)
  • Website developed using PHP+MySQL
  • PHP Frameworks Developers
  • Students, Scholars, Educators
  • Corporate Websites
  • Online Stores


Suitable For?
  • High Stability Achieved
  • Scale Up Your Website
  • Boost E-Commerce Growth
  • High-Traffic Website
  • Complex Software
  • Special Tuning Customization
  • Managing Large Databases
  • Software Customization
  • Multi-Language Proficiency
  • Security Customization
  • Surpassing Shared Hosting Limits
Suitable For?
  • Enterprise Software
  • Developer / Programmer
  • SysAdmin / System Engineer
  • DevOps / DevSecOps
  • Systems Requiring Auto Scaling
  • Easy-to-Use CI/CD Pipeline
  • Zero Downtime
  • Microservice Systems
  • Cloud Native
  • Cluster / HA / DR Support
  • Docker / Kubernetes