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For DevOps , System Admin, Database Admin

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Easy To Deploy

Effortlessly Create Applications: Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, .NET, Python, and Even Docker. Deploy Applications through Various Channels: GIT / SVN / FTP, Along with CI/CD

Easy To Scale

Supports High Volume Simultaneous Usage with Unlimited Scaling through Auto Scale System, Enabling Self-Set Conditions and Resource Limits. Equipped with Automated Load Balancer Management for Horizontal Scaling. Pay-as-You-Go Pricing Based on Actual Usage

Easy To Manage

User-Friendly Interface Tailored for Developers and SysAdmins, Encompassing a Comprehensive Toolset: Cluster Setup, Load Balancer, Docker, CI/CD, as well as Detailed Logs and Usage Monitoring

Platform as a Service for Production Environment

Auto-Scalable Clustered Solutions in One Click

Transform Legacy Cluster / HA / Load Balancer Configuration in Just 1 Minute


How is the Service Cost Calculated?

  • Ruk-Com divides resources into smaller units called Cloudlets. Each Cloudlet consists of 128MB of Memory and 400MHz of CPU. These units can be increased without limitations. Additionally, an Auto Scale system is in place to support heavy usage and automatically reduce size when resources are not in use
  • The system generates detailed usage reports for each component, updating hourly for easy evaluation and cost control. Furthermore, you can set price limits, alleviating concerns about traffic spikes. This ensures predictability in your expenditure.

Calculate Costs from the Apps You Use

Ready-to-Go Applications, Tools and Services

Ruk-Com Cloud Features

The Ultimate Toolkit for Devs, DevOps, SysAdmins, and Tech Enthusiasts Interested in Cloud Technology

Ruk-Com Datacenter

Choose from Datacenters in Up to 4 Countries: Thailand, Singapore, Japan, France