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Services from Ruk-com provide highly efficient support for security and website accessibility with great effectiveness.

Currently, the CMS WordPress is widely used in Thailand, making WordPress Hosting services from Ruk-Com a significant offering. Our experienced team has been working with WordPress for a considerable period, enabling us to comprehend its functioning intricacies and troubleshooting strategies. This ensures a smooth and sustainable usage experience for your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress hosting is a pre-built program that assists in creating and managing websites. It can be installed on a web server to develop websites, articles, or online community systems. It comes with a Content Management System (CMS) or content management system, enhancing user-friendliness through a backend system for data management. It is well-suited for businesses aiming to establish a website, as WordPress boasts comprehensive features that cater to all business needs effectively.

Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting can both be used to install WordPress, but the main purpose of WordPress Hosting is to enhance the performance of the website and is specifically designed for use with WordPress. This includes customizing the server to support the themes and plugins of WordPress.

It can be installed, but providing access to a large number of users might not be as effective as WordPress Hosting. This is because WordPress Hosting manages cache and queries more efficiently, resulting in up to 30% faster user access compared to regular Web Hosting.